There are so many things to pay for when kids go to school. From school trips to every day dinners. Gone are the days of having to give our kids a few coins for their lunch or send in a cheque for the annual trip to a theme park. Many schools are now using the Parent Pay App which has so many benefits for everyone!

Parent Pay App

Removing Cash From Schools

Taking away cash from kids which could be lost, misplaced or perhaps even stolen, is a good thing. Whilst educating kids about money is a great idea, once which I often talk about on my blogs, this isn’t their money to look after. This is your money to pay for different things to do with schools. Lunches, trips, clubs, even uniform for boys & girls via online shops. This can be done on the Parent Pay App. On your desktop, laptop or in the palm of your hand on your smartphone, you can ensure everything is organised for the easy flow of your child’s school life.

Trusted Payments

There is trust with the Parent Pay App. They are the leaders in this industry, with over 4 million parents trusting the app to make payments through with over 12,000 schools on board. There is the comfort for parents that the money is fully trackable as it’s all done electronically and for schools there are benefits too. When fundraising takes place through the Parent Pay App there are more donations taking place, by up to 25%! It combines and integrates with school software providers making the job easier for those in the office. Whilst it costs to use, it can actually help schools save up to £15,000 a year because of the quick, simple and easy to use process that the Parent Pay App offers.

Parent Pay App

They Sort Out Any Mistakes

At our school, there was a huge problem at the beginning of term. Every single account was being charged for school dinners, even if your child didn’t have them. The good thing about having an electronic system though, is that you can go back and change it when something goes wrong. Its much easier to sort than trying to hand out cash and coins back to each individual parent.

Primary, secondary and independent schools are using the Parent Pay App. Multi academy trusts and local authorises are also seeing the benefits. In a time when money is so important and we’re all watching the pennies, we need to ensure that what we are paying out is the correct amount and it’s also safe. Removing cash from schools is a step in the right direction and going cashless with the Parent Pay App works really well.

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