Tutors can help children with their studies in many respects. They can help them to build confidence, get caught up, get ahead, prepare for their exams, and even just create positive attitudes around learning. With so many private school attendees opting for them, is extra tuition something that your child really needs? A private school in Northamptonshire shares some of their guidance with us below.

Catch Up

For whatever reason, your child may have fallen behind in their studies. They may have taken time off to recover from an illness or an injury that’s prevented them going into school. The learning loss can be a lot to get around when back at school which is where a tutor can help. They can come out and give your child one to one sessions on what they’ve missed and at a pace that suits them. Having something like this in place can make their transition easier and help them to pick up where they left off.

Entrance Exams

Getting into private school is hard. There are 11+ exams that your child will need to successfully pass to be given entry to some of the best schools in the country. There’s a lot of work and pressure that rides on them and a tutor can make sure that your child is up to scratch. They will have extensive knowledge of the exams that your child will sit and be able to advise them on how to impress the person marking. For example, they can talk to them about what they typically look for in their answers. 

Get Ahead

If your son or daughter is a child genius, you will know that they are being wasted at school and need an extra push. This can often be hard for teachers to do as they have to manage the learning needs of their entire class and are unable to cover extra content. A tutor on the other hand can do this. They can teach them beyond what’s expected of them for their age and make sure that they are challenged the way that they should be.

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