The moral lessons that you teach your child and raise them with will influence the person that they grow up to be. You will be able to stand proud knowing that they are a good person. Their core beliefs and sense of right and wrong will guide them to make better decisions in life. There is no right or wrong on how to do this other than just be a living example and reminder of the good moral values that you want them to live by. To give you an idea of a couple, we have some that were shared by an independent school in Bath.


It’s the best policy and the way that you should go about things regardless of how bad they may seem. Being open and honest with others helps you to build stronger relationships, be true to yourself and access the support that others may be able to give you.


As a minimum, we all expect respect. It’s the basis of all relationships and an important social skill that your child will need to make friends and just interact with others.


Our ability to empathise and show kindness to others is what makes us human. Comforting others in their time of need is not only a lovely thing to do, but it brings you closer to one another and helps you to receive the same kindness in return.


Studies suggest that those who show gratitude are more likely to do well at school and lead happier lives. This is because they are able to form better relationships with those around them, feel more secure and confident within themselves. There are various ways in which you can explore this with your child. They can write dedicated thank you notes or just take time to think about everything that they have to be grateful for.

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