Educating children in schools and bringing them up in the modern world can be challenging. The idea of going through school and getting a job has changed. Things have even moved on from going through school, heading to university and getting a job within your chosen niche. Things have evolved. Some of the most successful people on the planet didn’t finish school. They don’t have degrees. They don’t work a 9-5 role. With more opportunities available today than ever before, what jobs do our kids want?

The Most Desirable Jobs

Firstly, looking at the list of the top 25 most desirable jobs, we see a whole range of potential employment opportunities. Children love the idea of being pilots and lawyers and musicians. There are lots of traditional jobs on the list, from authors and park rangers to chefs. People have got to eat, right? Along with those traditional jobs, there are roles which have only come into play over the last few years. Video games designers get paid around £25k a year on average and this is a desirable job for many children.

Kids spend their time on games consoles and love it. Therefore, if they can get a job within this interest and passion, they’re winning. It’s not something you can fall into though, you need the skills. Coding is a huge part of the job market going forward. Other desirable jobs in the top 25 include artists, wardrobe stylists, event planners and musicians. I suppose the rock and roll lifestyle of being the front man or woman of a band will never not be desirable!

Jobs That Aren’t Really Jobs

Think about jobs that aren’t really seen as jobs. Well, what we’d perhaps consider traditional jobs. However, with the rise of YouTube and social media, the world of influencers is huge. Successful influencers can get paid huge amounts of money for content creation. People can get paid to play games and stream it online. To travel the world and document their journey via YouTube videos.

Kids are YouTube stars, filming videos of unboxing toys and playing. Furthermore, this can lead to retailer deals and other avenues where money can be earned. Five year olds are stars of the internet and earn in one year what many people don’t in a lifetime. Reality stars have five minutes of fame on TV and then quit their jobs for the Instagram lifestyle. Undoubtedly, if you can find a niche within the world of influencing that people buy into the possibilities are endless.


Ask The Question

Finally, have you asked your children at home what they want to be when they are older? Maybe if you’re a teacher, have you questioned the kids in your class? Some of the answers will be fascinating and show just what children aspire to become these days. You might still get the occasional astronaut and zookeeper, however you’ll much more likely get YouTuber star and professional gamer. Don’t worry, some things never change. I don’t think the idea of footballer is going anywhere soon though. The world is changing and with it, the jobs being created are changing. In conclusion, what would your dream job be if you were growing up today?

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