We’re always on the lookout for new ways to get kids interested in their education. Ideas that will connect with primary and secondary school aged pupils and engage their brains. Let’s discuss motivating students to learn.

Motivating Students To Learn

Losing The Joy

As children get beyond the preschool stage, many of them lose the joy in learning. You know, that joy that is a characteristic of those early years. However, many start questioning their learning. They may have had challenges in the classroom. Perhaps they’ve been exposed to older children and heard some of their “school is boring” comments. The savvy parent can help to counteract this behaviour. Simply by encouraging children to develop their interests and hobbies. Engage them to find out more about the things in which they are interested. One method of motivating students to learn is by using articles in magazines or newspapers.

Local News

Firstly, if you get a daily newspaper, teach your child to use it. There is no doubt that they will be motivated to learn to decipher the television and movie listings, but what else do you take for granted? All local newspapers have “Around Town” sections – draw your child’s attention to articles of importance to him. If he is a railroad buff, let him read about the model train show coming up next week. If he’s interested in space, read to him about the latest from the Hubble telescope.

Hobbyist Magazines

Secondly, magazine articles are another good motivation tool. You can find whole magazines dedicated to your child’s hobby, whether it’s rock collecting or dance. Does your child love dinosaurs? Reading about a little boy just like him who grew up to be a palaeontologist can be very rewarding. Someone who loves animals will be motivated to learn all they can after reading about veterinarians.


Future Finance

Finally, one thing that motivates almost everyone is money. If your child is fascinated by reading about the lives of people whose salaries make them able to travel, drive expensive cars and live in luxury, perhaps he will be motivated to get a great education and get rich himself. Furthermore, even People Magazine can be useful in motivating students to learn!

In conclusion, how can you connect your children into their learning? As a parent you can engage them at home. As a teacher, there are opportunities throughout the school day and at after school programs to promote their education. Motivating students to learn is so important and can help shape their futures.

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